Monday, August 29, 2011

Adam's Canyon

Saturday after a looong night of fire-alarm mishaps, I went hiking in Layton up Adam's canyon. Perfect hike for a summer night :)

After some long sandy swithchbacks, and getting lost on the lack of a trail a few times,

And after me learning how to fly? Idk.

We stumbled upon this:

And we couldn't have timed it any better, because the pink sunset was amazing

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nixon family reunion '11

My whole Nixon side of the family got together for our annual reunion this weekend :) We stayed in Ogden which was nice and close to me. It's funny how these reunions evolved over the years from the time I got to see my cousins, into the time when I get to see my immediate family. Most of my cousins have lived in Provo while I've been here, and I never really get to see my fam. It was such a great weekend!

This is Miss Veda. She is the prettiest baby in the world! She seriously kills me. And she is happy 99% of the time.

It wouldn't be a Nixon reunion if there weren't strange games involved. Kodi and Chris trying to stack 4 golf balls on top of each other.

Parker boy drinkin' his chocolate milk. Parker said my name for the first time this weekend (he says "Wiii") and I about died. I love him and he is growing up so fast!

Siblings minus Ted

Saturday we took the Gondolas up to the top of the mountain for a little exploring

Lindsey and her cool guy

Mamma Panda and myself. I've missed this one so much.

Just snuggling on Veda again

The whole fam, minus Rob

So beautiful!

V and her flower

I didn't want the week to end :( I already miss them so much.

I've been at my job 3 weeks now and I'm so happy to be there. I finally (as of like 5 minutes ago) am settled in my house. Pictures to come asap. Xoxoxo

Friday, August 12, 2011

How to refinish furniture

Find a good piece of furniture for $20 that has character and a good shape.

Remove all of the knobs and reinforce any of the drawers that are not sturdy. Then use a fine sand paper to take the smoothness away from the wood finish

Once it's sanded, spray "kilz" primer in an even coat.

It should look about like this

Pick a color you like in a semi gloss, and give it a couple coats. After it dries, put the handles back on (or buy new handles at Hobby Lobby or Antrhopologie). Then you're done!!! I did a peachy pink with gold accents. Fun project and cute for my new room

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cha cha cha changes

Did I tell you all that I got my RDH license? Well I did. I've been temping all summer, and finally found a job that is so perfect for me. I'm working full time as a hygienist at Mtn View Dental Care. If you need your teeth cleaned, I'm your girl!

I've been back and forth between Salt Lake and Provo for a few weeks now, and Saturday I'll make the official move. I bought myself a "big girl bed" (aka not a twin), I've been working on refinishing some furniture, and I think I'm just about set. I'll get some pictures up soon, this week is crazy though!

Did I mention I'm doing all of this while my car is sitting in a mechanic's parking lot? If anyone wants to give me a car, you know how to reach me.

Such a crazy and exciting time in my life!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

When it rains, it pours

Don't be surprised if my hair starts turning gray at age 22.