Monday, October 26, 2009

swine flu

Last Tuesday everyone from my school heard that the H1N1 vaccine was in stock at the Provo health center, so we ran down to get it. You remember my Snoopy bandaid from my last post? Thats my proof of getting the shot.

Well on Wednesday Cam Formichella came to visit from Arizona. It was all fun and games till he got sick. I felt so bad for him :( I don't remember being super close to him, but apparently I was close enough because by Saturday night, I felt a little flu ish.

I went home early and lit a fire in my fireplace (for two reasons. 1, I needed to be warm cause I was sick. 2, I needed to get the bats out of my chimney. Yes, I have bats.)

Sunday morning came along and (in the words of Amber Brown) I felt like I got hit by a truck, they put it in reverse, and ran over me again. I went to Urgent care later that day. They shoved a stick up my nose and ran some tests... I have swine flu :)

Immediately following Urgent Care, I went to Walgreens to pick up my prescription. I also got some other necessities. Disinfectant spray, a candle (to get out the campfire smell) and chocolate.

I hate missing school. I hate getting behind. But I don't want to give everyone the pig flu so here I am, sitting in my room, bored to death.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

School is a piece of cake.

In the end it really comes down to playing with marshmellows and candy corn
getting scooby doo bandaids after getting the swine flu vaccine,
and signs that imply you cant have boyfriends or babies while you're in school.

too uncoordinated for my own good

remember that time that i spent 20 minutes grocery shopping, 5 minutes driving, and 40 minutes cooking to make dinner for my friends? oh yeah that was on saturday.

it may not seem like very much time, but when one of the three braided/baked sandwiches falls flat on the floor the minute it's done, that can be a downer.

i have developed into quite the clutz. oh well, i just scooped it up off the floor and started over.

bon apetite

Its been one of those days

where nothing i do seems good enough.

lets be a little more cheerful tomorrow, shall we?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

consider me cleansed

Soooooo. I just broke a 9 day cleanse and I'm feelin good :)

For nine days, I drank the following mixture:

5 cups of water,
2 tbsp of lemon juice
1 tbsp of pure maple syrup.

oh and a pinch of cayenne pepper... i guess i left that out at first cause i am trying to forget it.

thats all.

I wasn't planning on doing the whole ten days, just a couple of days to clean my body and make my stomach aches and desire to eat a whole batch of cookies in one sitting go away. That's what the cleanse is for; getting rid of your sweet tooth etc.

But one day at a time, I realized I wasn't all that hungry and decided to shoot for the recommended 10 days :)

I was doing great until this morning, when I woke up sooooo drained of energy. I struggled to get through my classes, and finally made it home for my lunch break. I just ate a pear and broccoli, and haven't felt this good in a while! wooohooooooo

Monday, October 5, 2009

Stay active

in body and in mind.

I've been thinking lately, and I realize the only times in my life I have been unhappy is when I'm being a bum. I am always a lot happier when I move my body (work out), stretch my mind (its being stretched trust me), and stay completely busy with friends and errands. Only let myself catch my breath once a week. So here is what I've been up to:

School every day from 8-4

Going to yoga, turbo kick boxing, pilates, and cycling at the gym along with other cardio excercises everyday

Spending a couple hours hanging out with the girls

Spend an hour or two doing homework/studying

Sleep from 12:00-5:00


Bachelorette parties and wedding receptions
Pizza factory with Chuck guy and Brennan (there were other people too, just not cool enough to be in the picture)

Eating at Macaroni grill in Salt Lake after conference on Saturday. I don't remember what was so funny in this picture... I think I'm laughing at the fact that there is a fist size meatball on Chuck's fork.

Going to Temple Square

Also this weekend some friends and I went hiking up the canyon, and later had a bonfire. We have to experience the outdoors as much as we can right now because snoooow is on its way. BOO

Do the Dew

Last weekend the girls and I went up to Salt lake for the Dewtour, which is like skateboarding and BMX competitions sponsored by mountain dew. Yes, it is comical that we went because none of us care about that stuff, but it was really fun! The boys that live next door gave us tickets because they were working/volunteering for the event. My favorite part was seeing all the pro's that have characters named after them on tony hawk playstation skate in real life haha. Such a fun day

School ain't dat bad

So maybe I have to study a lot, maybe I don't get very much sleep, and maybe my friends think I'm a square, but school is pretty pleasing :)

I mean, how hard can it be if we play with playdoh and fabio?