Monday, June 28, 2010

way to go

Today was my 1/2 way mark for my dental hygiene school, which is really my 3/4 mark for getting my bachelors degree. Boy oh boy does it feel good! Aside from the celebrations and treats we had all day in honor or our 1/2 way day, we also had 3 midterms.

I did not study for these midterms. Okay, probably about 3 hours collectively. Which, you should know, is nothing.

Test 1: Community. Very easy. I doubt I got anything lower than a 95%. Success.

Test 2: Dental Materials. Questions 1-57, knew every answer. 58-100, guessed at least half of them. I'm praying I got a B.

Test 3: Oral Diagnoses: Question 1, uh oh. Questions 2-49, thinking to myself "I'd be better off just taking this test blind." And no, I don't mean taking it without studying, I mean literally filling out a scantron without being able to see where the bubbles were.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What consumes my time

during summer '10.

School, obviously. But at school, I'm learning how to give injections. Megan and I finally got to be partners and give each other the greater palatine injection. It wasn't painful, but the numbness on my palate made me gag! 

Riding bikes. I ride bikes everywhere. This day I stole Emily Tate's bike (don't be mad) and decided I need to ditch the beach cruiser forever and just go road bike style. 
Making things. I just painted myself this jewelry box and I love it. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rodeo drive

Yesterday I stepped into a scene I've never been before. Have you every been to the rodeo? I had a great experience. Many "firsts" took place.

I saw a lot of plaid shirts, and cowboy hats.

I saw grown men chasing after wild cows, attempting to milk them. [Ew, first]
I was terrified one of the participants riding a bull would get his face stepped on.

I saw a buffalo. Who knew they even still existed?! [first]

I hung out with Tori outside of a family function [first]
I am now aspiring to become a rodeo queen, just so you know.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Marriage -

it's a good thing. One more down. I was happy to go to Nicole and David's reception a couple nights ago; Nicole you made a beautiful bride! I knew you would.

It was nice to catch up with all the old roommates/ward members, and their spouses :)


Willi Nixon: (noun) mature, smart, responsible.

It's been about a year and a half since I polled 20 people, only to find that the top 3 words to describe me are that above.

Well it is summer; I do not feel mature, smart, or responsible. I want to sleep and hike, eat and shop, swim and play tennis. I want to go on adventures. I want to take trips.

I do NOT want to go to school or work, wake up early or study.