Tuesday, July 27, 2010

summer, forever

Mom went on a cruise this weekend. Next weekend she's going to Spain. Sure wish I was going with her. Instead i'll keep on keeping on in Provo.

I love summer. I love the sun. I love being outside. I lovelovelove. All of it.

I love hikes with friends

and hikes at night

I [love] school, and learning injections.

Simple pleasures keep me alive.

I love bike rides, skooter rides, every kind of ride.

I love Megan. Tennis. Outside. Pretend athletes.

7 peaks, laying out, Megan again. What would I do if I didn't have summer?

Summer can't last forever but oh, how I wish it could.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Becca was so wise as a senior in high school

Can you read this? This is a journal entry Becca wrote when she was in high school.
"Love is gay. Marriage is alright. I only want to get married to a rich guy cause then I get a Range Rover or a hummer or a Titan. In love relationships, men and women are equal. The men should propose and the women should only say yes if she isn't annoyed of hom. I'm annoyed of a lot of people so It's going to take me a while to get married. I think Nathan Udall should ask me on another date because he blew me off and stood me up on our last date. Love is kind of a part of marriage. Just someone that you can stand living with and sometimes kissing."
Thank you Becca. You're words are like pearls before swine.

Friday, July 9, 2010

4th de julio

Oh goodness me. Last weekend was so full of fun activities. When you live in Provo, 4th of July means non-stop outdoor games, barbeque's, and such.

Friday: I went and hiked the Y, by myself, because everyone was
working or schooling. Well, I didn't make it far on the trail before I found a friend.

I picked it up because I knew everyone would appreciate a picture of ME holding an animal. Precious though. I immediately sanitized my hands afterwords.

Friday night a bunch of us went to check out the Freedom Days festival on Center street. You could smell funnel cake and fried things from 3 blocks away. From there we all rode bikes to the lake, where we [Greg] swam and set off fireworks that Ryan got from Wyoming.

What do you get when you combine Rock Canyon Park with 70 feet of tarp? A legitimate slip & slide. And bruised hip bones. It was way fun, and other than a few bruises, I didn't even injure myself! It's a 4th of July miracle.

After the slip & slide, a group of us went to the rope swings in Mona Lake. I need to work on my arm strength because I was SO sore the next day.

I washed my nasty dreads out (curly hair + slip & slide + dirty lake water = dreads) and went over to Jon Jon's house for a BBQ. Here is Lindsey and I when we rode bikes to watch fireworks from the Stadium of Fire.

Church, work, then the preparations for the big parade. Provo hosts its Freedom Day Parade on the street I live on. The parade was Monday morning, but people were allowed to get things set up at 3:00 PM on Sunday. So that is what we did all day and night :) we roped off the section in front of the house, and brought a whole living room set out there. I mean, a couch, coffee table, chairs, mattresses, hammock, and raft. We played badminton, domino's, card games, bought ice cream from the ice cream man, and then partied at night with thousands of other people who were camping out as well.

I slept inside, which was a wise decision on my part.

Monday: The parade.
The parade was fun, and people were jealous of our spot and sitting arrangements :)

It was such a good weekend. Tiring, but good indeed.

Friday, July 2, 2010


I'm very picky about my water bottles. I've been looking for the perfect water bottle for about 6 months... yeah maybe that seems a little excessive but once you use my new camelback you will understand! They have been sold out of stores for a while, and the very first day that Target got them back in the store, I was there. I think i upped my water drinking by 300%.

The "Big Bite" straw is patented, so this is the only water bottle like it :) Trust me, you need to get one.