Thursday, July 22, 2010

Becca was so wise as a senior in high school

Can you read this? This is a journal entry Becca wrote when she was in high school.
"Love is gay. Marriage is alright. I only want to get married to a rich guy cause then I get a Range Rover or a hummer or a Titan. In love relationships, men and women are equal. The men should propose and the women should only say yes if she isn't annoyed of hom. I'm annoyed of a lot of people so It's going to take me a while to get married. I think Nathan Udall should ask me on another date because he blew me off and stood me up on our last date. Love is kind of a part of marriage. Just someone that you can stand living with and sometimes kissing."
Thank you Becca. You're words are like pearls before swine.


Becca said...

I was bitter because a boy had just broke my heart. haha funny thing is, I still feel the same way today. Love?

Katelyn said...

k becca sent this to me yesterday and I think I about died. She hasn't changed one bit since high school and I love it. my favorite line is, "love is gay. marriage is alright." and "love is kind of a part of marriage. just someone that you can stand living with and SOMETIMES kissing." haha love that girl.

ps. come back home willi!

Cassie said...

If these are her beliefs about marriage I would I would love hear her thoughts on having children. :)