Monday, April 25, 2011


Remember this Easter, and that one too? It's been really fun to start my own traditions since I'm not always able to be with my family.

These lovely ladies always help make my Easter amazing. I'm glad they wanted to do it again this year.

Two of my favorite couples in the world, Greg lookin' so fly with his new stash.

I'm so grateful for Jamie in my life, just so all of you know.

Em I think you need to either replace me in this picture or come sandwich me from behind. I love you guys so much!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vegas Baby

What a good idea Jamie :)

I can always count on Vegas to provide sun, shopping, good food, and entertaining people to watch. Our trip was perfect.

Getting my gamble on

Me and my chicks

Inside the Bellagio

Please note Cody trying to drink out of the fountain haha

Getting FRIED and didn't even know it


Perfect weather (thanks Cody for always being our photographer)

New massive H&M in Caesar's Palace

And then it was over all to soon!

Always such an adventure to get away. Too bad I had to come back to work :(

I'm having an Easter Potluck tomorrow at my place, be there or B2

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Sometimes what I say and what I feel are two very different things.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeping busy

Lesson to be learned:

I've suddenly come upon a ton of free time. What to do? Fill it with people I haven't seen in months because I've been studying too much.

Lunch with Jacie for her birthday

Crepe night (and a fabulous day with Jamie, Ashley and Cody shopping in Salt Lake and eating... all day)

And burning my scrubs from school, and all of my notes and lectures from the last 2 years down by the Utah Lake.

Tyler making a paper airplane out of my notes, and lighting it on fire. Classic.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I love college, hey!

Alriiight I've been post happy about my graduation all week, but here's the last one :)

Cap & Gown, ready to start the commencement ceremony

Dear parents, thank you for supporting me through school and in my life. I owe so much to you for helping me achieve my goals. You are babes and I love you both.

Best friends and sisters of mine, you got to see the stress of hygiene school on top of working basically full time. I know I've been boring but it's time to party! A special shout out to Jamie for living with me through school and still liking me. You are babes and I love you all.

This right here is my Golden Scaler award. Every dental hygiene graduating class awards a student this award. My professors and the administration of my school voted for me to be the recipient! The award means "best clinician". It's very nerdy but this is a coveted award and I was so happy to receive it.

Even though this day is very exciting, I will miss seeing my girls at school every day! Thankfully I'm staying in Provo a while longer so I don't have to say bye to many of them yet. Megs, I want you to know that my family said "that was the funniest graduation speech I've ever heard, they should have just stopped after her". You're hilarious.

Roommates! Megan I can't believe you are moving out... we will miss you. We've spent so much time together the last two years and I'm sad to see you go!

Dearest married friends of mine, thanks for being supportive of me and coming to my after party at grandma's!

Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Nick win for the most ridiculous present, once again. My great great grandma's dentures. Classy.

Rob, I can't believe you are such a sweat heart. Thank you for surprising me and coming to my graduation. I always know I can count on you for ANYTHING. And that tooth girl... she's just adorbs. Love it hahah.

Last but not least, thank you to myself for my new present. I'm in love with this watch. I'm so good to me. :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Graduation Week

Liberated. Having free time. Seeing people I love and miss. Last day of school for my bachelors degree. Shopping. Parents coming to town - this has been my week thus far! It feels so good :)

Yesterday was the last day of school, and we had a potluck to celebrate. I'll admit it was a little bit sad cleaning out my stuff from the clinic and my locker... it still doesn't feel real. Here are a bunch of pictures of all the girls that I know I am going to miss!

Janine, I will miss you being sassy at school. You've helped us all so much through school in finding patients and I have loved working with you!

Megan, we would not have made it through school without each other. I can't believe you're moving home in just a few days. Sad but exciting for you.

This is my lovely clinic group from this semester. I'm so happy we all helped each other out so much, and that we all found boards patients.

Megs taking off our last paper link in our graduation countdown!

The back row ladies :) Thanks for always letting me sleep on my desk.

Day Thirty

A picture of someone you miss

Can you believe how fast the time has gone? My 30 day challenge just flew by, as did the rest of my time at school. Today was my last day of college for my Bachelor's degree. It was a really great day :)

My sister in law posted the CUTEST pictures of my nephew Parker recently, so he wins the category of "someone I miss". This little guy is growing up so fast and I just want to be there! Soon enough I suppose.

Please note his black eye, from being hit by a swing. Still adorable.

This 30 day 30 photo challenge has been fun for me, now it's your turn!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Day Twenty Nine

A picture that always makes you smile

Get ready, this content may be hard to hear. I, Willi Nixon, have a fetish for cute dog pictures lately. I don't like animals. Mainly pets. But really? These little puppies totally kill me! So cute and such sassy personalities.

Meet Jeremiah Johnson. He is a tea cup Yorkie and weighs about a pound. I'm obsessed with him.

I can't stop searching "cute puppy pictures". It's really weird and uncharacteristic of me, but join the fun! You'll love it too!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day Twenty Eight

Warning; T.M.I.

A picture of your biggest fear

While everyone knows that breaking a tooth is my claimed biggest fear, I have one other that might beat it to the punch.

Loneliness. No one likes to feel that way. I am not literally afraid of being alone, more just the emotion of being lonely. As Panda [mom] remembers, this started in about 6th grade when I moved to a new school. I was so shy, and really worried that no one would like me. For years I was too afraid to call anyone or try to play with anyone on the weekends. My mom would actually pay me to call people... sad. There have been a few other times in my life where I've gone through these stages of loneliness, maybe after a break up or a move. All I'm saying is that I hope there comes a time that loneliness isn't a factor in my life, and the fear can go away.

While being alone is a fear that many of us have, take comfort in a certain genius' wise words.
I will say that I'm very happy to be getting my bachelor's degree this Thursday, and I'm also happy to say that I've done it while I'm single. I feel like the past 4 years here in Provo at school have been such telling years for me. I am a complete different person today than I was 4 years ago. Instead of letting the "fear of being alone" play a role in my life, I get to learn and grow as a person, alone.

All the single ladies, put your hands up!