Friday, April 8, 2011

Senior banquet and sleepover

Last night, I went to my senior banquet with Jamie as my + 1. She is the best spouse I could ever ask for. I'm already feeling a bit nostalgic about school, and these girls. We watched a slide show of our journey the past 2 years together. Keep in mind this has been a 4 year process and to finally be graduating is surreal.

Our class voted on awards to give each other, things like "most school spirit" or "most dolled up for class" etc. Of all 60 girls, it was a unanimous vote for me to win "most likely to sleep in class". Erica and I won "does the best on tests while studying the least" and last but not least I tied for "most laid back". These have been stressful years but at least I pulled off looking relaxed :)

The roomies
Megs, I think we both need a suntan...

My school wifey

School family

I told everyone to be goofy... this is what happened

Pinata for Jess

All the single ladies - not very many left!

And THEN. Megan Ham's family owns a condo in Midway, so a bunch of us had an after-party. It's so nice to do fun things together instead of worry about school.

Coming up with ideas for our charades game

Megs "probing". Look at that fulcrum!

Britt giving an "extreme infraction". So classic.

Courtney... well let's just say those of us who were there know what you were trying to do :)

Megan acting out a dental chair

Jessica "krumping". Hilarious! "I've heard of it but I don't know what it is!"

These were just a few of my favorites. What a fun night just being idiots with these girls.

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Mrs. Ham said...

bahahaha i love your photos- i should have copied some of them... i loved you last night! i always do though!