Sunday, April 17, 2011

Keeping busy

Lesson to be learned:

I've suddenly come upon a ton of free time. What to do? Fill it with people I haven't seen in months because I've been studying too much.

Lunch with Jacie for her birthday

Crepe night (and a fabulous day with Jamie, Ashley and Cody shopping in Salt Lake and eating... all day)

And burning my scrubs from school, and all of my notes and lectures from the last 2 years down by the Utah Lake.

Tyler making a paper airplane out of my notes, and lighting it on fire. Classic.


nick sorensen said...

damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

Tyler + Zahara said...

Love this! What a great fire :) PS you look hot in your green striped cardi! Love love

Jeremy and Natalie said...

A fire sounds like a great idea! :) I've been wondering what I should do with all my free time too. I need to get my craft on!

taryn said...

First of all, the first comment by your friend Nick is the best. My favorite quote ever. Second of all, getting our lives back is so exciting!

Dave and Jessica said...

Yay for freedom! It is so nice isn't it! Oh and I am so glad you burned your scrubs....I NEED to do this...ASAP! I am sick of seeing those hideous blue things in my closet! They need to get out pronto! Hope freedom is treating you looks like it is!