Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day Twenty Seven

A picture of you and someone in your family

I chose to go a little bit old school. This picture is my family hiking Havasupai in June 2006. There are a few things I love about this picture.=:

1. I used to HATE hiking, and my family was very persistent that I come with them on such endeavors. This particular time we hiked Havasupai, something changed. I fell in love with hiking :) If you haven't had the chance to do this hike, you must do it. It's so beautiful, and worth it.

2. I love that my "family" is a loose term. We continue to add people into our family, whether they fit the definition or not. Marianne and Becca are very much a part of our immediate family, as is Rob. The more the merrier.

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