Friday, April 15, 2011

I love college, hey!

Alriiight I've been post happy about my graduation all week, but here's the last one :)

Cap & Gown, ready to start the commencement ceremony

Dear parents, thank you for supporting me through school and in my life. I owe so much to you for helping me achieve my goals. You are babes and I love you both.

Best friends and sisters of mine, you got to see the stress of hygiene school on top of working basically full time. I know I've been boring but it's time to party! A special shout out to Jamie for living with me through school and still liking me. You are babes and I love you all.

This right here is my Golden Scaler award. Every dental hygiene graduating class awards a student this award. My professors and the administration of my school voted for me to be the recipient! The award means "best clinician". It's very nerdy but this is a coveted award and I was so happy to receive it.

Even though this day is very exciting, I will miss seeing my girls at school every day! Thankfully I'm staying in Provo a while longer so I don't have to say bye to many of them yet. Megs, I want you to know that my family said "that was the funniest graduation speech I've ever heard, they should have just stopped after her". You're hilarious.

Roommates! Megan I can't believe you are moving out... we will miss you. We've spent so much time together the last two years and I'm sad to see you go!

Dearest married friends of mine, thanks for being supportive of me and coming to my after party at grandma's!

Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Nick win for the most ridiculous present, once again. My great great grandma's dentures. Classy.

Rob, I can't believe you are such a sweat heart. Thank you for surprising me and coming to my graduation. I always know I can count on you for ANYTHING. And that tooth girl... she's just adorbs. Love it hahah.

Last but not least, thank you to myself for my new present. I'm in love with this watch. I'm so good to me. :)


m.estelle said...

willi! you're such a cute graduate! congratulations!

Jaimie said...

aw, willi! i'm so happy for you. can you believe we're already done with college? you are looking beautiful!!

j&j said...

Wills!!! Congratulations! Sooo happpy for you!! ;) you did it!!! Lover you. Xo jmarie

Katelyn said...

congrats! i'm so proud of you {and your new watch}. now you are all grown up and have to do grown up things..NOT! keep being immature and having a wonderful time, because that's what life's all about! WOOO!

Sara Shoemaker said...

congrats on graduating!! I've been perusing through your blog a little bit and you have fab style! :)

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