Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vegas Baby

What a good idea Jamie :)

I can always count on Vegas to provide sun, shopping, good food, and entertaining people to watch. Our trip was perfect.

Getting my gamble on

Me and my chicks

Inside the Bellagio

Please note Cody trying to drink out of the fountain haha

Getting FRIED and didn't even know it


Perfect weather (thanks Cody for always being our photographer)

New massive H&M in Caesar's Palace

And then it was over all to soon!

Always such an adventure to get away. Too bad I had to come back to work :(

I'm having an Easter Potluck tomorrow at my place, be there or B2


taryn said...

Oh Vegas! Looks like fun. I need to get myself a tan.

Dev & Di said...

I'm sorry but how did I not know there was a serendipity in Vegas?! I thought the only one was in New York... Good call with that one.

nick said...

3rd picture from the top. LOVE your shoes. you're cute. im loving these pics. from your Nikon?

Willi Nixon said...

Yep, from my Nikon. It's getting a lot of mileage for being fairly new. I love it :)