Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Graduation Week

Liberated. Having free time. Seeing people I love and miss. Last day of school for my bachelors degree. Shopping. Parents coming to town - this has been my week thus far! It feels so good :)

Yesterday was the last day of school, and we had a potluck to celebrate. I'll admit it was a little bit sad cleaning out my stuff from the clinic and my locker... it still doesn't feel real. Here are a bunch of pictures of all the girls that I know I am going to miss!

Janine, I will miss you being sassy at school. You've helped us all so much through school in finding patients and I have loved working with you!

Megan, we would not have made it through school without each other. I can't believe you're moving home in just a few days. Sad but exciting for you.

This is my lovely clinic group from this semester. I'm so happy we all helped each other out so much, and that we all found boards patients.

Megs taking off our last paper link in our graduation countdown!

The back row ladies :) Thanks for always letting me sleep on my desk.

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