Monday, June 28, 2010

way to go

Today was my 1/2 way mark for my dental hygiene school, which is really my 3/4 mark for getting my bachelors degree. Boy oh boy does it feel good! Aside from the celebrations and treats we had all day in honor or our 1/2 way day, we also had 3 midterms.

I did not study for these midterms. Okay, probably about 3 hours collectively. Which, you should know, is nothing.

Test 1: Community. Very easy. I doubt I got anything lower than a 95%. Success.

Test 2: Dental Materials. Questions 1-57, knew every answer. 58-100, guessed at least half of them. I'm praying I got a B.

Test 3: Oral Diagnoses: Question 1, uh oh. Questions 2-49, thinking to myself "I'd be better off just taking this test blind." And no, I don't mean taking it without studying, I mean literally filling out a scantron without being able to see where the bubbles were.

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