Friday, August 12, 2011

How to refinish furniture

Find a good piece of furniture for $20 that has character and a good shape.

Remove all of the knobs and reinforce any of the drawers that are not sturdy. Then use a fine sand paper to take the smoothness away from the wood finish

Once it's sanded, spray "kilz" primer in an even coat.

It should look about like this

Pick a color you like in a semi gloss, and give it a couple coats. After it dries, put the handles back on (or buy new handles at Hobby Lobby or Antrhopologie). Then you're done!!! I did a peachy pink with gold accents. Fun project and cute for my new room


Kimberly Moore said...

yay! Love it. Where are you living now?

Tyler & Leilani Westhoff said...

How funny! I've been looking around EVERYWHERE to figure out how to refurnish my new dresser! Thanks a ton! I love what you did! :)