Monday, September 5, 2011

The new house

You've been asking and here they are; pictures of my new place :) My roommate Jelissa owns this house and she's done amazing things with it as far as finishing the basement and refinishing everything. I love this house so much and it's such a comfortable place to live. Pictures honestly do this house no justice. Enjoy!

The front of the house

The living room to the left of the entry way

Dining room with mismatched chairs, all the same color

The TV room and comfiest couch

The basement living room with a really awesome exposed stone wall original to the house

My bathroom, how much do you love the vanity?

My room finally all settled. I still need to make myself a head board but I'll save that for a rainy day

Our fun backyard. It was just begging us to have people over. Saturday night my roommates and I had a BBQ which was a birthday party/my house warming. It was fun to finally have friends come see the house.

My chicks
Thanks for still loving me when I live far away!

Zach back in Utah with his brother

Sista sis and Matty
I owe you two a big thank you for ALL of the help you gave me when I had no car and when I was in the process of moving.

So into my veggie burger nom nom nom

And last but not least and the one I owe the most thanks to, Jonathan. We really felt like this night was such an accomplishment after many months of stresses and changes in my life. Moved cities, started my career, ended my job at RLob, had a car break down on me, borrowed a car from my parents, got rear ended in that car, bought a NEW car (pics to follow soon), and so much more.
I honestly couldn't have survived the last 8 weeks without J's help, as well as Teddy, Matt, Jamie and my parents. I know there are even more of you who have helped me whether it was through helping me move, or just keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. I have amazing people in my life and I'm grateful!


Heather Larson said...

That house looks AMAZING! That is so my style. Wait what city do you live in now? And I wanna see your car asap!

Jeremy and Natalie said...

Cute house! I'm so glad things are going well for you!