Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas crafting

Our house is completely cluttered with saws, paint cans, fabric, newspaper clippings, staple guns, and other assorted tools. And what for? We are decking the halls. 

Janelle made these stockings out of sweaters she bought at DI. She whipped them up in a couple hours. So impressed!

Becca had Teddy and I over last week and made us dinner (Peter made it, really) and we made these Christmas letters, to hang on the door or in this case over a frame. 

Another cute idea from Janelle, made with pages from an old book or magazine.

Our perfect tree! Jelissa wrapped those beautiful presents and wrapped the ribbon around the tree.

I practiced the skills my mom taught me so many years ago and made a bow for the tree topper. Hers are better, of course. 

And lastly, this little piece of work. I'm happy with it and love how it turned out, but I didn't realize one little Christmas tree would require multiple saws, types of glue, clamps, and staple guns. Glad this project is over :)

Let the Christmas cheer begin!


Janelle said...

i love our cute house and crafty roommates. Seriously, best december ever.

Kendra said...

Love the orange ribbon around the tree. I don't usually associate orange with christmas but it is super festive!