Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Bash

Hello everyone, it is now november and i just cannot believe it. School is CRAZY. I have 4 really important mid-terms this week and finals are coming all too fast if you ask me. But that also means my trips home are coming soon! Becca is in New Jersey, and i'm thinking she's had her fun but now she needs to go home so we are on the same time zone and we can talk more!!! Teddy came up to visit me this weekend (well, she is visiting matt but i get to see her too) and we have had so much fun.
a lovely afternoon picnic, this is on november first and its still not snowing!!

The indian and the hippie

So on Halloween i went to a married people party with teddy megan and andrew. we carved pumpkins, and i ate a lot of popcorn :)

I also went to my ward party with my ninja friend :)

and we also bobbed for apples and i won!!


joslyn and golden goodman said...

ha. you are the cutest little indian i have ever seen :) i love you!

Estee Cook said...

gosh dangit willi!
you're adorable!
k, cool.
i like you, bye.