Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How is it December already?????

I cannot believe it is December 2nd, and the semester is almost over!!! November was just so busy it flew right by. A couple weeks ago Ben and I went to the Carrie Underwood concert and it was SOOO good!! I LOVE her :)

All of the roommates and I took dates and we got dressed up and went to Happy Sumo, which in my opinion is the best sushi around here. Maybe the best sushi i've ever had.

Amber and ben did some great bonding as they sang some indian tribal songs and played the guitar together :)
That friday ben and I drove home to Arizona (and by that I mean Ben drove while I slept) where I spent the BEST week and a half for Thanksgiving break. When I arived in Arizona around 10, all of the lights in my house were off and my family (including Becca) were pretending to throw me a surprise party haha. I knew I was home when i walked in and saw that Becca was wearing a tall T and baggy socks :)

The whole week was filled with family and friends. I tried to see everyone, but I still missed a few people.

Thanksgiving was wonderful, I made stuffed mushrooms which were a hit :) Everyone in our immediate family was able to come to dinner, and a few friends as an extra plus!

The day after Thanksgiving the family and a few friends went to Tombstone Arizona and Cartchner Caverns, a long but enjoyable day.

On Sunday, Teddy's boyfriend Matt, who is from Provo, and a couple of my girlfriends from high school drove back up into the bitter cold of Utah.

I really miss my friends and family in Arizona, but I definitely needed to come home because finals are approaching and I have ten thousand things to do! And hey, only 17 days till Christmas break right?

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joslyn and golden goodman said...

i love my willi. Thanks for being with me. I missed you.