Thursday, December 11, 2008

Beautiful December

Each morning I peak out my blinds, afraid to find snow, and almost every day this semester I have been able to thank God for keeping me warm, and out of the snow.

Does anyone remember how miserable last year was? Becca?? I know you do.

Lets all enjoy this lovely Christmas season, and to my pleasure, a lack of fluffy white stuff.


The Cottams said...

umm I was there too!! Hated it! But now miss it!

Willi Nixon said...

ya, i miss YOU

Estee Cook said...

you KNOW i remember that.
thank you God, for the "warm" weather.

megs said...


Willi Nixon said...

haha esteee. we hate snow. and Megs, ben told me that each day you've been praying that it wont snow. bless your heart haha