Thursday, December 18, 2008

Finally it's over

Holy cow this week has been forever long. Finals are over, and I'm so exhausted and relieved. They went fairly well... you win some you lose some haha. To forget about the stress this week, me and Amber threw a Christmas sweater/White elephant party. A ton of people came and sipped hot chocolate, and there were some pretty great white elephant gifts :) Some of the favorites: an avocado, a gold dice, an ugly blanket, a fish, and my gift: a possessed doll.
It was also Nicole's Birthday on Tuesday. Some of us went out to dinner to celebrate, and later that night I woke her up out of my bed to sing happy birthday to her and give her the cake Callie got. It was SO great. Note the tiara :)Nicole is just one of the coolest people I know. It seems like we would have absolutely NOTHING in common, but we have become such good friends. I have really enjoyed living with her this semester and I will miss her SO much next semester, even though I'll still see her a lot!! She and Emily Woods are moving into a place together.

This Sunday we went to the State Hospital for church, and for the first time all six of us roommates got ready together. We had to take a picture :)

And now I must bid you farewell, because I need to catch my flight home :)


joslyn and golden goodman said...

You are so cute willi. i cant wait to see you again

Shea Bodine said...

willi. i miss. how is your life? it seems to be going festively, it seems nice!

Marci and Sarah! said...

hey girl, so sorry we couldn't make it to your party! we all had so much to do that night. finals week just sucks. a lot. hope it was fun and that you have an AWESOME break!


amber said...

willllli! these pics make me miss you even more. hope your having a grand time at home! me lovey you