Wednesday, December 31, 2008

There's no place like home

Well I'm back in Utah after a lovely week and a half at home in Arizona with my family and friends. There truly is no place like home; warm weather, blue skies, a clean house, and all of the people I love. What more can a girl ask for?To start off, the trees in my parent's front yard are beautiful! They are NOT frozen and dead like trees in Provo.

I got to hang out with Tara quite a few times. This night we went to see Bradley and his band play in a show, which was really good!

Christmas Eve with the grandparents was wonderful as usual, and our family is very attractive. It was fun to see grandma and grandpa since I missed them over Thanksgiving.

On the way home from grandma's house, mother dear made us pull over to climb this tree... apparently climbing shouldn't be done in heels so I stayed on the lowest branch.

Sushi. Sushi sushi. I love it. Ben and I got some really good sushi when I came home :)

Bradley and I had fun hanging out in the park and enjoying the sunlight. There were tons of little kids playing in the park and it was a beautiful day.

BeccaBeccaBecca. Thats something that you can only get in Arizona. I had fun spending time with her and I miss her already! We went to dinner one night, ran errands together, hung out at each others houses, she took me out to lunch (cause i'm the poor one) and other such things.

One night Ben and I were bored so I thought it would be fun to paint pictures :) This is my picture of the ideal Arizona sunset. You just don't see these kinds of colors in Utah.

This is sir Benjamin and I the night before I left!!! He worked a lot while I was home but we still hung out a ton. We saw Seven Pounds which I LOVED, and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button which I hated. We went shopping, he brought me Einsteins in bed etc. I'll see him in a couple weeks for his mission farewell!!!!!!!!


joslyn and golden goodman said...

I never got to see you :( Your blog is so cute!

Estee Cook said...

oh willi willi. if i wasn't obligated to drive 3 other girls back to provo on saturday...i fear i would be {this close} to being a BYU drop out.
i loooove being home!
see you soon!

The Cottams said...

Willi! I love you miss! You are amazing. I loved seeing you and wish I could much much more! I had fun with you at Bradley's show. And shopping for my mom. Haha. And christmas stuff that was unsuccessful. And remember you're in my prayers love. Everything will work out, don't you worry your pretty little head:) Have a BLAST in the snow. PS after you left, it shot up to the 70's and has been there most of the week. Sorry you missed it. Just move home!!! JK...hygeine school calls. Love you!