Sunday, March 22, 2009

I love when funny things happen

This Blog is long, but full of numerous humorous stories. If you cant handle reading it all at once, i suggest reading one day at a time. Enjoy.

This weekend, the one and only Becca came to visit me :) I picked her up at the airport in Salt Lake around 9:30 on Wednesday night.

Thursday morning Becca slept in while I studied. When she woke up I made french toast for us, and then we both got ready for the day. We went window shopping at all the adorable boutiques along Center Street and University Ave. I took her to Penny Royal Cafe, which is this eclectic place also near Center Street where you can go eat/study/play Nintendo/listen to music and such.

After shopping we had a pizza picnic in Rock Canyon Park. Thank you Grandma Marsha and Grandpa Nick for providing me with all sorts of Pizza Hut gift cards that have fed me time and time again over the past month and a half. Seriously, I have enjoyed it so much.

Thursday night Becca and I visited Kelsey, Lindsey, Ashley, and Jamie before going to Spoon Me. For those of you who are uneducated, Spoon Me is my favorite place to get frozen yogurt. The yogurt is fantastic, the environment is rockin, the staff is even more rockin, and I go too often with Lindsey and Kelsey. Anyway, I took Becca there and she loved it as well. My friend JD was working and was nice enough to give us free yogurt, and anything that's free is even better.

On Friday Becca and I sat out in the sun while I studied for my Physiology exam. We both got sunburned but I am LOVING the sunny weather. Now for the first funny event of our weekend; I had a stack of lecture notes I was studying, and a gust of wind came in. The top paper, one I hadn't studied yet, flew off and landed on the grass. I moved quickly towards it but my efforts were in vain. Another wind blew and my precious notes were sucked into a sewer drain. Yuck. I can accredit part of my bad grade to losing that sheet of paper.

Friday night, Becca and I went dancing in Salt Lake at a Neon dance party. Callie, Kelsey, Ashley, and Lindsey all came with us and it was SO much fun. Many things about this night were laugh out loud kind of funny. They are as follows:

1. My index fingernail was glowing all night because when you donate plasma they mark you with this stuff that's only visible under black light. Haha I cant hide that I sell my body via plasma.

2. Watching all my friends dance is so funny. Everyone's personality is so distinct in their dance moves. Becca is gangster, Callie is crazy, Lindsey's body is lanky and she gets loww, Kelsey is so funny, and Ashley gets in trouble (haha I know it wasn't your fault)

3. There was a drunk boy at the party. Usually, I find drunk people SO obnoxious and can't stand to be around them, but this kid was tooooo funny. Mainly because Becca Kelsey and I danced with him and made fun of him for like an hour. There was a bunch of confetti on the floor and if anyone threw it up in the air he would yell "woohooooooooooo"

4. After the party was over Becca and I drove back to Provo. We were starving so we went to Dell Taco and feasted :) keep in mind this is probably the first time I've had fast food this year, but it was SOOO good and just what i needed. We finally got home at 2, and crashed.

So Saturday rolled around. I had to wake up early and study for physiology. I felt like I had been hit by a truck; apparently I did too much dancing the night before. Studying was rough. I had already put in about 12 hours of studying for this test, and I didn't know very much material. Becca had made arrangements with her old dance teacher at UVU to take a dance class while she was here. At 12:30 Becca dropped me off at the plasma center so I could donate while I studied (which was ironic in itself because I was studying the blood and cardiac systems). Becca's class was supposed to last half an hour, so she could pick me up at the plasma center around 1:30 and take me home to change clothes and then go take my test. The test was supposed to take about 2 hours and the testing center closes at 4:00 on Saturdays so everything worked out perfectly. HOWEVER, Becca's teacher told her the wrong information so Becca's class didn't end till 2:15! Oh no! So here I am, in downtown Provo at 2:00 when I needed to be taking my test. Becca couldn't answer her phone cause she was dancing. Even if I could walk fast enough to make it to campus, I was wearing a tank top that day and at BYU you have to be following the dress code in order to take a test. Dang. So I start walking down university avenue thinking of my options. I called Laci. Luckily she answered, and was able to come get me to go take my test! Only one problem, I didn't have time to change. Laci, bless her heart, happened to have a coat in her back seat. I threw it on as i got out of the car and ran up the stairs to the testing center. 2:20. Gotta move fast. I took my seat and realized the room was around 85 degrees. oh no. I had just donated plasma so I was already feeling faint, but the heat did not help. I was sweating. If you know me, you understand that this is out of the ordinary! After a twenty minute mental struggle, I gave in and took my coat off and hoped no one would say anything. Well, no one said anything verbally but their eyes sure did. Wow, never wear a tank top at BYU!!! I finished my test in the nick of time, only to fail. I received a 63%. Yes, I Willi Nixon failed a test. And I wasn't the least bit upset about it because, well, I deserved the failing grade. I really didn't know the material.

After my exam, Becca and I went to our old roommate Annie's snowboarding competition in Provo. Some company brought snow down and it was really fun to watch! Becca and I had the best time nicknaming all of the people. It was this event that I realized I officially am a resident of Provo. For the first year and a half I've lived here, I never really run into people I know because, to be honest, I didn't really know anyone. At the snowboarding competition, not including Becca and Annie, I ran into 6 people I know! And none of them knew each other! I knew 6 individually grouped people. It was a strange feeling.

Annie in her snow attire

It was getting dark, and Becca and I had plans to go out to Park City for the night to stay at Lindsey Barney's condo/time share. The two of us went up early, before the rest of the girls, to eat dinner there. The thing is, if you don't know Park City very well, restaurants are VERY difficult to find. After a good half hour of mindless wandering, we pulled over to ask someone for suggestions. A boy with a very Chinese accent, after inviting us to hang with him and his gay friends, told us to go to main street. We followed his advice and found the heart of the city, with shops and restaurants. I was wearing my tank top still (the one from the testing center) and was missing a coat (the one i abandoned in the testing center) and it was FREEZING and windy. We FINALLY found a place to eat called Pizza and Noodles.
This was a very cute little place. We ordered our highly overpriced food. When our french fries were brought out Becca and I squirted Ketchup on our plates. We both took a bite. I chewed, and paused. "Becca, this smells and tastes like alcohol". We both smelled the fries, and smelled the Ketchup. The latter was the culprit. Beer-Ketchup. 50% beer 50% Ketchup. Ew. Nasty smell and even more nasty taste. "What is wrong with it?" Becca asked almost tearing up and the taste. "Maybe it's like their signature sauce or something" I tried to justify. Ew. After pretending it was okay for a few bites, we couldn't resist but ask a waiter. "Scuse me does your Ketchup have alcohol in it?" Becca asks. "No?" he said confused by the question. "Smell this" we both suggested. He smelled, and tasted it. He smiled and tried not to laugh. "I'm so sorry I have no Idea how that happened!" ........ Bottom line, someone spiked our ketchup. Wow.

After dinner Becca and I looked for the condo. We drove around for an hour, yes, an hour, lost as could be. We called Kelsey and Lindsey several times. No help. We considered going home. We persisted though, and we eventually found it. Linds Kels and Ash weren't there yet so we sat in my car for another 30 minutes. We considered going home. Again. But we persisted. And finally they arrived and the night was glorious!

We watched Twilight; I was a first timer. I hadn't seen the movie or read the books, so I didn't know what to expect. I thought I would hate it, but I actually thought it was really entertaining.

Around 1 or 2, Paul (a friend I ran into earlier that day at the snowboarding competition) called me from his friends phone. You see, Paul/Pablo does not own a cell phone, and carries around only his "little black book". The two of them had been in Park City and knew I was staying out there as well. They came for a visit. Paul is an interesting character, and all I can say is at one point in the night he was in the shower, in full clothing, and his friend mark (a photographer) was taking pictures. I don't really know what else to say.

They left after about an hour, and then JD (the friend that works at Spoon Me) and his friend Rand (whose name I love) came over. While they were on there way Ashley said to me "i don't know how JD talked his friend into coming all the way to Park City this late at night" and i said "Ashley, there are 6 cute girls staying the night in a condo." She laughed. "Oh." Well those boys came and we all were just talking and being lazy. I kept trying to get people to go to the jacuzzi but it was "too cold". I suggested we all get in the over sized bathtub in our swim suits. I thought it was a good idea...

Around 5 in the morning we went to bed, and the boys left. What a night.

The pretty view from our balcony, and the jacuzzi no one would sit in with me haha

This is what we look like in the morning after 3 hours of sleep

Today, Sunday, Becca and I woke up to make it to Sacrament on time. In my ward, Sacrament is the last hour of church. There was a dilemma. Because of the Draper temple dedication, Church was shortened. "Oh well", I thought as I brushed out my wet hair, "we'll just have to skip it cause I wont be ready in time". Minutes later my phone rang. Caller ID says "Bishop". HAHA what?? I answered and my bishop gave me a personal call between periods to see where I was, ask me a question or two, and harass me for not being at church. haha i love him. I also was reminded that Amber (my roommate) and her fiance Danny were singing in sacrament. I told Becca we should try to make it. I went to church with ugly wet hair. And guess what? They didn't even get to sing because church was shortened. Blah. Oh well, it was good that I went to church anyway.

After that, I took my lovely Becca to the airport. I miss her already.

Taking Becca to the airport

And now, I am SO tired and so over writing this blog, but I aplaud any of you who read the whole thing. Kudos.


Katelyn said...

looks like you two had TONS of fun! ps...the story about your paper flying everywhere and into the sewer drain made me laugh. I can only imagine that. We miss you Willi...come back to AZ!

nicole said...

ha ha yes i'm awesome i read the whole thing and i loved it!!! spiked ketchup?!!?? i already hate ketchup so i can't imagine that! hilarious

ME said...

i read it all, and laughed my freakin ars off! beer ketchup, too sweet.

Willi said...

i'm coming katelyn! so soon! and yes, bear ketchup. so nasty. haha congrats on reading the whole thing guys

Cassie said...

I read the whole thing, Becca is crudy at updating her blog. Love ya lots.

Estee Cook said...

i'm going to go ahead and blame our sucky migration pattern on BYU.
There, I said it. It's all BYU's fault.


Jared and Jenny said...

Hi, Miss Willi! Your mama told me you had a blog. Too cute! I have one too, but you have to e-mail me so I can send you and invite (it's private... too nervous about my kids getting stalked). :0)