Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Oh Goodness, get ready everyone. Today, February 27th, is Becca's 20th birthday and Teddy's 22nd birthday.

Thank you God for giving me two of the greatest people ever on the SAME day! (well two years apart).

I am SO sad I am missing the birthday bashes this weekend. (bash plural, not to be confused with Bashas the grocery store). This is the first time I will ever miss Becca's birthday in 20 years. Sad day.

So lets pay them both a tribute! Age comes before beauty so we'll start with Teddy. (Teddy I think you're beautiful too, it's just a saying).

Teddy Nixon is:
SOOOOO weird and unique
Funny (mom says she's funnier than me)
A brat to people she doesn't like (and me when she's stressed, but she always says sorry)
Really good at writing
Awful at piano and math (mom says these are MY good traits)
Such a good friend to those who deserve her friendship
A good listener and problem solver

Here are some of the favorite sister pictures:

Becca Stark is:
Hilarious. Funniest girl I know.
A potty mouth (along with myself)
A heart breaker
A man hater (haha I dont know it just seemed to flow)
A punk to EVERYONE, including me, and I wouldnt have it any other way.
A softy (only a few close friends see it)
A musical librian

These are two of the most important people in my life. I love them both SO much and I'm sad I'm here in Ewtah instead of celebrating with them


Joslyn Marie said...

OK. this is SO CUTEEE! i love you willi. You have the cutest sister and cutest best friend.

Leah, Chance, and Bailee said...

I miss you girls.