Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jesus says love every one, yes your roommates too

Today has proved to be an interesting day. Between 5 girls living together, of course there will be some disagreements. I, being the person I am, am so privileged to hear everyone's sides of the stories. I get to sit back and read forwarded texts from one roommate to another, listening to one side of the story and the other two sides etc. Yes I saw some harsh words thrown, and some accusations made, and some lies told, but at the end of the day I love my roommates for what it's worth.

Reasons I love Amber:
She takes adventures with me.
We stay up giggling with each other in the wee hours of the night.
She puts up with my mess, and I put up with hers.
She has a very mischievous side that not many other people see.
She has a mischievous fiance who I LOVE.

Reasons I love Laci:
She never fails to be excited when she sees me.
She feels comfortable enough to talk to me about her feelings.
She is from Texas (oh wait that's a bad thing)
She cleans the kitchen.
She liked me even when no one else did last year.

Reasons I love Jacie:
She is funny, and makes me laugh.
She has a rad boyfriend who also makes me laugh.
She and I have a lot in common, specially when it comes to boys.
She eats whatever the crap she wants and isn't obese
She lets me yell at her when she spits in the sink
She always cleans George so nicely when she uses him

Reasons I love Callie:
She is loud, and it is hilarious.
Never ever a dull moment.
She doesn't have a boyfriend so we hang a lot
She always tells me I am pretty and should be famous
She always says "if i buy this will you eat some of it"
She is never hesitant to do a favor for me

So let's all forgive and forget and love each other again okay? Okay.

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Amber said...

i think i am oblivious to 98% of what goes on in our apt. cute post!! now lets cuddle