Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rodents not welcome

It all started a few nights ago, at 2:00 in the a.m. I was innocently typing away on my computer when I heard squeaking, followed by scratching. My skin started crawling at the unidentified noisemaker, so I started looking for it. I walked up to the window well (because I was in the basement) and what do you know, there is a GOPHER in the window.

Of course I screamed and made my mom and Marianne come downstairs to see it (they were drinking matte upstairs). We didn't know what to do, but Panda said I couldnt tell my dad or he would kill it. A few days and a few carrots later, we came up with a solution.

Preparing to catch the thing... Dad saying "this is serious" hahahha

We bought a trap, caught the thing, and set him free!!!!!!! haha. Run free!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My birthday was last week, and I found out that I have friends!

So now I'm 20 and I guess that means I'm a grown up or something. On my birthday, which was the 25th, my dad asked me how it feels to turn 20. I said "it feels like my body is finally biologically catching up with my brain cause I've felt this old since I was 5"

To start off my birthday, Becca and I went to the Richards' house to lay out and go swimming. Carole mixed us some drinks and hung out with us for a lil' bit. A few days before my birthday Carole and I got reflexology massages and she took me and David to lunch :)

Shortly following we went to a memorial day bbq at Aimee Johnsons house where we ate some mediocre-pushing gross veggie burgers. I promise, there are so many good meat substitutes but the "eat right" choice is terrible.

The girls at the BBQ

That night a bunch of us girls went to dinner at Gecko Grill! We were missing Lindsey Kaitlyn and Ashley because they were all out of town, but guess what? I filled a table of 10 girls for dinner! Yeah thats right, I have friends!!! Haha.

I love all of these girls, it made for a very happy birthday.

I am surrounded by excellent gift giving people who know me so well, and know just what I need :)
Becca surprised me with this beautiful jewelry box from Hawaii! I love it so much
New running shoes from my parents! They also spoiled me with new clothes that I've been getting a lot of use out of

Ben is STILL so thoughtful, even from another country. He sent me a package with new painting materials. Paint, brushes, canvas, and he also sent me an electric toothbrush. How does he know me so well?Ben also sent me these flowers, gerbera daisies. they're my favorite :)I'm so ready to use my gift certificate to a Nail salon from Allie. She is such a sweetheart

THANKS EVERYONE who made my 20th birthday a good one

Monday, June 1, 2009

time for weddings

It blows my mind when my friends get married. 1 roommate down, and Jacie's next on June 27th
Sooooo my precious roommate Amber got married!! She was the most adorable bride and I'm so happy for her.
Me and Lassy at the temple
All of my roommates from this year :)This is Jacie upset that her sparkler went out before Shane took a picture hahahah