Friday, January 29, 2010

Pa pa pathetic

I think about quiting my job daily. Don't get me wrong, the Lobster has treated me well. But I am TIE ERD, tired, of being tired.

But seeing how my rent is $390 a month, I don't really have the option of quiting. UNLESS I get back into my plasma donating habit.

Last semester I went to a new plasma center (my usual one closed) and set up my initial appointment. I was turned down because my blood pressure is always freakishly low. We're talking 80/55 here. So they told me to try again another time. I tried again, and did some wall sits before I went in. That time my blood pressure was high enough, but because I had just done physical activity my pulse was too high. So I gave up.

Now I have a whole new motivation for donating; plasma=no job=more sleep. I went to the gym at 7 this morning and worked out with Nicole. I went home, showered, ate a good breakfast, took my iron supplements since I'm always deficient (meaning I can't donate) and my vitamin C to help me absorb the iron, and then I headed to my appointment. My hematocrit was high enough, my blood pressure was high enough because of my work out, my pulse had lowered.

It turns out I was a little too excited to try and donate. I put too much pressure on the thought of donating once a week and quiting my job. So my pulse was RACING with my nerves.

No plasma donating for me, no quiting work, no sleep. :(


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