Friday, January 22, 2010

thank you stranger, way to make me feel good

So. As some of you know, I've sucked up my pride and have been working at Red Lobster.

Overall, it is a good job that I am lucky to have; however, there are some definite negatives to the job. One of them being my uniform.

Hair pulled back. Makes my head look unproportionally small.
White dress shirt from the little boys section at Walmart. Not only is it size XL for length, but its an XL "Husky" for width. What kind of cruel people would ever print the word husky on an article of clothing? I recently downsized to the regular XL, feeling pretty good about it.
Black slacks
Hideous black work shoes
Lobster name tag. Now, I think the picture of the lobster is very effective. It lets people know, "hey, you're at Red Lobster in case you weren't sure". It also lets them know that I am fully qualified to answer any lobster questions they have. And my favorite part, it gives customers the great idea to ask me to pull a lobster out of the tank for them. With my bare hands.
Last night was a night just like any other at the Lobster, as I like to call it. I closed, so I was the last hostess on from 8-10. Two young gentlemen walked out the their car as their female friend stopped by the restroom. She left shortly after. Another minute passed, and one of the gentlement came back inside. He was looking for something.
"Did you lose something?" I asked.
"Yeah, did you see a girl walk out?" He replied.
"Yep, about a minute ago."
"Oh, okay." He started to turn around, but hesitated. He turned back to me and handed me this:

He said, "I don't do this very often, but can I give you my number? You should text me sometime."

Spotted. He hadn't been looking for his friend at all. He just thought I was cute. And though I'll never text the kid, he made my night by thinking I was attractive while in Lobster uniform.


Callie Mae said...

yeah girl! thats awesome! why do you think I would tell you that you look cute every time you would come home from work? BECAUSE YOU DO! and this proves it! I think you should call him. WAY to GO baby!!! haha xoxo

Joslyn Marie said...

work it!!! lobster uniform or not .. you're hot:) i loveLOVElove you willi. and i miss you oh so much.

Alyse Bennett said...

The lobster is pretty sexy.

Panda said...

You are cute no matter what you are wearing.....That was a very smart boy to come back in and flirt with you. I think you meant "disproportionately" on the hair, and I feel your pain on that one....I only wear pony's when I'm sleeping.

{megs in wonderland} said...

home wrecker! ha!!

...joking. i pick up girls AALL THE TIME at "the lobster".

Monica said...

awww yay that's so great!

Julie said...

ha ha I love this.

You have such a witty writing style, so fun to read.

Jacie Bowen said...

bahaha. asking u to take our the lobster with ur bare hands is something i would ask. hahah! so ridiculous and therefore hilarious.

hahah husky. love.

阿凡達 said...