Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anywhere but here

One thing I've learned in the last few years: if life isn't happy where you are, go somewhere happier. You don't have to run away forever, just for a weekend or two.

Go to the people who love you

To the people who make you laugh

To see your friends make life changing choices

And renew friendships

To smash faces

To reminisce

To smile like you mean it

Go to congratulate

To distract yourself with sheer joy

Go places you've never been

And pretend you went somewhere even better

Turn the heads of strangers

Pretend you know where and what you're doing

And if all else fails, squeeze the world's cutest nephew

Viva Las Vegas, and happy wedding Ashley and Scott :) I love you!


Lindzie said...

Seriously, your friend's dress is gorgeous! Wish you were coming out here in April. It would be fun to see you!

Katelyn said...

willi, looks like you had so much fun on your visit to az/las vegas. Sad I didn't get to see you!

JMay said...

I love your sweater, it is so cute!