Tuesday, March 23, 2010

remember Ben?

Sometimes I forget how funny this kid is. Amber, Jacie, Nicole, I know you'll appreciate this because you know his sense of humor the way I do.

I got an email from him yesterday. Here's a little snip of it:

"Willi!I'm sorry for the chain of illnesses that came your way. I would become a doctor but I'm far to squeamish, or girly as you would say. Speaking of that, I saw myself in the mirror a few days ago and I look way different. My body that is. I have a chest the size of Donkey Kong's. It caught me off guard. I'm most definitely not fat. Just bigger. And not fat bigger. Just bigger. Speaking of that... Yesterday, I decided that I would iron part of my shirt while wearing it because it got wrinkly from wearing a blanket over my clothes during studies and I was in a hurry. It would have been successful but it steam blasted me and now I have blisters and burn marks on my stomach. It hurt. And I'm stupid haha."

This email reminded me that Ben is a real person... in another country right now. Weird.


Amber said...

hahahahhaa oh how i miss that.

Jacie Bowen said...

hahaha i can totally picture him saying all of that. thats perfect. all of it.

Panda said...

That is soooo funny and soooo Ben. I love it!

The Wrights said...

hahahaha i love this!

p.s. add my new blog link

Kyle and Tara said...

Haha i love him

nicole said...

that kid!!! i thoroughly enjoy him and i guess i kinda like you too:)