Tuesday, April 27, 2010

the grass is always greener

So this is going to be a pretty bold statement. But after spending a week and a half in Arizona, I officially think that the grass is always greener for me in Utah right now.

I have mentioned to a few people that I'm ready to head back up to Provo, and they say "yeah the grass is always greener on the other side". And I reply, "no, i'm pretty sure its just greener in Provo, and it's dead here".

Now don't take that statement out of context. I LOVE my Arizona. I will most likely live here for the rest of my life. But right now, Utah is where my life is. I have a million things to do there, and when I'm gone, people, work, the gym, adventures or school miss me. But right now Arizona stresses me out. People and relationships are messier here. There is history. I like living in a place where everything and everyone is new. Fresh.

My visit to Arizona has been wonderful. I spent plenty of time with these lovely ladies.
I got to see this fool (Drew Romney) again after he's been gone for two years.
I got to harrass Rob and show him that I love him.
And of course hang out with Panda and Ray.
Felt some sibling affection.
Played with my adorable nephew.
Enjoyed Bradley's company while he was talking to me
And hung with old friends.

Like I said, I loved my trip home but now I'm off to Utah!


Leilani Marie Roberts said...

Glad your trip back home was fun! It's definitely greener on the other side, but AZ has its goods too, right? You're awesome!!

Tyler + Zahara said...

You love the Utah Bubble don't you!!? Ha I totally get what your saying. Progression in life is needed to have happiness. Well that's what I think anyway:) Glad you had fun! see you next week cutie!

Cassie said...

John and I laughed when we read your comment above. We have said this so many times in the last couple years since we left. Isn't that funny how change can be really good for you though so many don't think so (especially thoughs who have never done it themselves).

Have fun in Utah and enjoy the spring time. :)

Jamie said...

parker is cute! i want to meet him still.. (and yes, i am attempting to blog again!)