Monday, April 19, 2010

it's all about numbers anyway

I just finished my Junior year of college. Yes, it has been 3 years since I moved away from my family to this [now] beloved place called Utah. I feel a bit nostalgic. I feel fulfilled while very unfinished. In the time I've been in college, I've sorted through many people, places, experiences. Thanks to my journaling skills, and even more to electronic messaging and records, I collected a tally. It's almost overwhelming to look at the numbers.

Roommates: 21
Road trips: 11
Pictures taken: 4,376
Papers written: 71
Credit hours taken: 92
Classes: 41
Times fallen asleep in class: lets be honest. It would be more accurate to count the days I stayed awake.
Most hours spent at school in a single day: 17
Tests taken: 126
Tests bombed (69% or less): 1
Tests aced (100% or more): 44
Classes skipped: approximately 35
Average hours of sleep per night: 5
Average bedtime: 12:15 am
Average wake-up time: 7:30 am
Average time working out weekly: 8.5 hours
New family members: 1.5
Trips Home: 8
Professors who know me by name: 5 at BYU, 11 at UCDH
Weekly grocery budget: $9
Jars of peanut butter: 7
Apples eaten: 192
Hikes to the Y: 5
Camping trips: 6
Movies watched: 35
Leisure books read: 14
Boys kissed: somewhere between 0 and 10
Picnics: 12
Poems written: 51
Short stories written: 8
Songs downloaded: 1137
Pairs of new shoes: 14 (Yikes)
Number of Prophets I've seen speak in person: 2
Number of lifelong friends made: 7
Concerts attended: 18
Dates I was asked on: 26
Fallen in love: 0
Hours spent working: 1444
Hours spent in class: 2120

Number of hours spent calculating pointless statistics for this blog: 3.5


{megs in wonderland} said...

number of hours spent with megandy?!?!?!= priceless.

oh wait. wrong concept.
but still, you get the idea.

we love you!

Joslyn Marie said...

so i love this.

Katelyn said...

and that 3.5 hours was so worth it.

this is cool.

crazy to think how much we accomplish in college.

good job.

Heather Sproul said...

This post is crazy. I would not even know where to begin if I was to calculate everything. Neat though.