Thursday, May 27, 2010

21st birthday hollerrr

My internet has been broken, so hello! It's been a while!
Well I had my 21st birthday yesterday. I have been known to get the birthday blues every year, so it was such a pleasure this year to have a really great birthday with minimal birthday blue-
ish attitude.

My friends and family spoiled me. My birthday was full of my favorite things. Spoon Me, for example. Compliments of Evan. 

And Jamie made my bed for me just like Panda used to on my birthday. 

My house was decorated and there were all sorts of flowers strewn about (thanks Lex, and Richard's family). 

Teddy got us tickets to the Backstreet boys concert :) i LOVE my BSB

My birthday this year was all I could ask for. 

 Some of my best girl friends and I went to Sakura, which is such a good place for Sushi. 

After din din we had a dessert party at the house. Lindsey and Jamie both made me cute cakes.

I was so happy my married roommies made it :)

Most of my friends, old or new, stopped by for a bit and it was really fun to see everyone. 

Thank you everyone who made this such a good day :) I love all of you!


Tyler + Zahara said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a cute day you had! and you look so stinkin cute in all your pictures :)

Jordan said...

Happy birthday Willi! You are gorgeous! I can't wait to play witchu in Provo in the fall!

Monya said...

Willi- looks like you had a wonderful day--no blues girl you are young and beautiful enjoy it. I love you

Katelyn said...

gotta love birthdays.

happy (late) 21st.

I'll know how you feel in a couple weeks.