Sunday, May 9, 2010

new plan stan

so i'm planning a trip, and it's going to be goooood.


Jordan said...

Willi! I went through pretty much your entire blog (non-creepy) trying to find a picture of the house, but I couldn't find it! Or I might have found it but thought it wasn't it.. haha can you send me a link to it? Thanks love! I'm excited to be in the same town as you in August! Party!

Katelyn said...

hey, you never told me how the enchanted waterfall or whatever you call it went! (I seriously can never remember the name, but I know it's something funny)

Tell me, tell me, tell me. I need the deatz asap!

ps. what's your trip? i'm curious.

love, Kat

Becca said...

Heck ya we are! The whole West side baby!!!! Kat, I'll fill ya in.

P.S the weird word I have to type out on the bottom of this comment is "dessi". Wtf?

Leilani Marie Roberts said...

Hey sounds fun! Hope your spring (if you call this Spring) is going well:)