Sunday, September 5, 2010

"Arizona, I used to love you"

Alriiiight so listen up. I used to have an obsession with Arizona. I used to have Arizona pride. But ladies and gentlemen, the only reason I love Arizona these days is my Family and a few select friends. It's been real Gilbert, but I think I'm divorcing you :)

These are the precious moments with precious people who made my visit so wonderful.

Rebecca Linae Stark.Sisssssy! (the rest of the fam too, just didn't get any pictures).
Glendale, only for juggling shows of course.

Wedding festivities with "the girls" for Lindsey
Dinner with Becca and fam. This girl rocks my world.
And last but certainly not least, Parker boy. I love him so much!

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Natalie said...

Your nephew is freaking cuuute! It looks like you had fun even though you don't like Arizona that much anymore.