Tuesday, September 7, 2010

But man, was it hard!

I decided to hike Timp.
I work out every day. I figured, hey I'm in shape, I do the stair stepper for long periods of time daily, I love hiking. I can do Timp.
It was such a great experience, but it was really challenging!!

So if you're planning on doing it, here's the deal. If you leave from Aspen Grove, the hike is 12.5 miles round trip. Plan on taking 3 water bottles, lunch, and a lot of snacks. The summit is below freezing at night, which makes for chilly days so bring a sweater! The hike is very steep at times, and your legs will indeed fall off if you aren't in shape. The last mile or so, Jamie and I giggled and stumbled along because we were SO ready to be done!!

Mount Timpanogos: Check.


Emily said...

you are awesome! and also super cute, even when you're hiking :)

Amber Masters said...

thats what she said ---> title

Kyle and Tara said...

way to gooo girlfriend. you're my hero.