Wednesday, October 6, 2010


if I feel like this!

I hate to be a pessimist. But SERIOUSLY this is one of those weeks.
I'm exhausted. I am so busy it blows my mind. And I can't fall asleep, again.

So what can I do about it? I was reading some talks here and it humbled me a little bit, and helped me remember that life is greater than this week's stress.

"One of our most important challenges in staying mentally and physically healthy is learning how to manage stress. Notice I said manage, not eliminate. It’s unrealistic, perhaps even unwise, to think that the ideal condition is a stress-free one. The need to complete a task, to be at a certain place by a certain time, to meet the expectations of other people, and to satisfy our own internal drives to achieve all help keep us moving. Actually, I wonder how much we would progress if we did not experience some stress.

The idea that all stress is bad and should be avoided is only one of the myths of stress. Another myth goes to the other extreme: “Stress is unavoidable, so why try?” The truth is really somewhere in between. The most intelligent way of managing stress is to take a look at your life and plan to reduce or eliminate unnecessary stress.

It’s not difficult to see that noise alone can create stress, not to mention the fact that all those machines and people are demanding some kind of attention. By simply eliminating optional noises—the radio, the television, the washing machine and dishwasher—you can automatically lower the stress level and some of the feelings of irritation that naturally result. So, although stress is not all bad, we can and ought to reduce it."

Val D. MacMurray, “When Life Is Getting You Down,” Ensign

I can do hard things. Working 30 hours a week, and going to school full time are good stresses. I chose this. Being this busy is a test, and it is helping me learn and grow. School and work are not the enemy, believe it or not. After reading the above mentioned talk, I feel the need to eliminate some of the unnecessary stress in my life. Tomorrow, when I'm not so tired, I will make a plan :)

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