Monday, November 22, 2010


Because I'm not able to be in Arizona for this Thanksgiving week, I went for a quick weekend trip. You know why? Because Acey and Jenny have given me a new baby niece :) Her name is Veda Joy Nixon, and she was born on my mom's birthday, November 16th.

Acey is just about the cutest dad you have ever seen and he and Jenny love her so much. It's adorable.

I'm pretty sure I would have taken her back to Utah with me if I were allowed to.

Going to Arizona is always such a treat, and I'm happy I got to spend time with my parents. Even though I didn't spend much time in Gilbert, it still feels really great to be home.

On another note, guess who's baaack? Jared Hardy. I can't believe this kid is home from a mission. So good to see you buddy :)

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