Monday, June 27, 2011

Cataract Canyon

What a fun trip. For those of you who aren't aware, Cataract Canyon is extremely high water this year (90,000 CFS) from all of the snow and rain we've had. This makes the some of the rapids extremely huge, and kind of scary! It was the first time I've ever had adrenaline pumping on a river trip. Thanks to the huge water and some great company, it was such a great week and I'm missing it already.

On our way down river road to put in the river

Me and sissy getting on the S-rig the first day

This was Jamie's first river trip ever. I told her she can never go again now because nothing will compare!

This is a hike called the loop, you can see the river from both sides of this mountain

River guide Matt
All my fave ladies

Jamie and I trying to cool off our Diet Cokes in the river

This is the sign as you enter the canyon and rapids... awesome

Panda and I sat on the pontoons for the first rapid, Brown Betty. It was SO much bigger than we thought it would be and it was terrifying sitting out there!

Stephen the river guide after I gave him his rose tattoo

More water action.

Pictures of the rapids do no justice, so I'll leave those to your imagination. I loved sleeping under the stars and peeing outside... something so great about being outdoors. Thanks Nicki and World Wide for such a good trip :)


Tanner Ham said...

bahh i miss you! and you looook soo cute!!! what a fun trip. xo- meggie

danielle said...

ok, you're looking like a total babe in all these. WHERE HAVE YOU/I BEEN???? 4th of july celebrating STAT