Monday, November 21, 2011

Health care and kidney stones

I am so happy I have health insurance. I got my bill today from the kidney stone adventure I had last month. $6,000! It makes me so terrified for the future and what's going to happen with health care in the US. But as for now, I will just be grateful that I know I'm in good hands in case of emergency. Plus, they gave me this uber dreamy doctor.


Panda said... totally look like you are in love....or on drugs. Love you and glad you are ok. Love mom.

Willi Nixon said...

Haha mom that's Evan in case you couldn't tell. And I was on lots and LOTS of drugs.

Heather Larson said...

hahahah this picture is classic! Or maybe it is the expression on your face. Love it. See you next month! Can't wait for the bach party!

Kodi said...

Is your dreamy doctor 12? Cause he looks like it. Fortunately for you he is only taking your blood pressure.