Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving at Home

Thanksgiving via photo timeline

 Dad and Grandma Marsha getting dinner ready in the kitchen at the cabin

Our cute dining room set up

Parker being to cool for a picture with his mamma

So she tickled him

Teddy holding Veda holding a sock monkey

Swapping babies and mammas

Baby Elyse

Wrestling match, Kodi against mini Kodi

Myself and my baby

Parker really couldn't wait for dinner to be ready

Twins right? Acey trying so hard to photo bomb in the back

Parker and his biggest fan

Little man and his black eye, he front flipped onto a wooden chair

Walking to the gate

Photogenic family, yeah?

Kodi: "I bet my forehead is warmer than your forehead"

Panda, why oh why are you always so tan? I am a vampire/ghost

Grandma and baby V

Ray using his magic touch and putting babies to sleep

It was my parent's anniversary so they celebrated, with plastic wine glasses.


Cutest baby, in Gilbert at my parent's house

This is what our family looks like these days.




Happy family with Jar-bear



And downward dog.

I love my family, I loved my quick trip home. I'm so thankful for every minute I get to spend with people who love me.

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Janelle said...

cute pictures, cute family... but I'm just REALLY glad you are back!!

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto said...

Dear Willi, you celebrated in such a sweet way. With all the family togheter. We don't have thanksgiving here in Italy, but I always dream about it :)

You have such a pretty blog!! :-D I have a blog too. What about following each other?
Become my follower with Google Friend Connect, and I'll definitelly return the favour :-)

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