Monday, May 25, 2009

Cinco de Mayo party??

Party planning committee!

So I realized I never put up pictures from our Cinco de Mayo party, as promised. At the dollhouse we decided it would be fun to throw a lil' bash for the Mexican holiday. Chad and J.D. soon became major contributors to the party planning; in fact, our party would have flopped without their amazing Tiki bar.

Its 10 a.m. J.D. and Chad show up to the house with some lumbar and nails, and a drill. "What will they build" we all question. When they said they were making a Tiki bar, we all assumed it would resemble a chest height table. False. They built a MASTERPIECE and I was SOOO impressed!!

Our party was make complete with tons of food and mocktails. Yes, we made ALL VIRGIN margaritas with Taylor's new blender. Sal was a natural bar tender.

(yes those are virgin jello shots.)

We also had Monster pong. Just like beer pong, but less drunk.

Taylor and Kaitlyn, winning apparently.

I loved every bit of this party, good job everyone!


Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

how do you make virgin drinks with that malibu bottle on the tiki bar?

Willi said...

hahaha whoa how did you recognize the bottle from such a tiny picture?

malibu+ice+sprite+monster=virgin drinks

Kodi & Lindsey Nixon said...

I have bad news.
malibu=coconut flavored rum=alcohol

Willi said...

haha kodi you have nothing to worry about cause i didnt even know that malibu was alchohol. since i'm not 21 and i bought it, it must have been malibu flavoring :)