Sunday, May 3, 2009

I've got friends in all the right places

Why my friends are the BEST friends, and things I'm going to miss when I leave Provo:

A million people can fit in a 2x2 foot space while we have movie marathons

We have going away parties all too often. MISS YOU RAND

They let me go out with them when I look like crap

Everyone is down to go to a park, sit in the sun, and jump over me while I study

We have girls nights, and eat WAY too much Spoon Me

We all share an equal love for my boy Zac Efron

I learn about all these new places in Provo, like freakin Maglebes

Everyone loves each other enough to wake up at 7 to go to breakfast


We make ghetto style smores on the countertop when its too cold to go camping

I have the best friends, in all the right places.


Allie Davis said...

WILLI I LOVE YOU!!! Can't wait for u to come play with me in AZ....we'll do all of the above :) SEE YA SOON, CALL ME!!!

ME said...

i <3 zac efron. thought he was 18, and then i found out he's 21. i don't feel so bad now for being a chester.

Willi Nixon said...

hahahah. yes he is a beautiful man. and he's almost as old as you :)