Sunday, May 3, 2009

Filling my time with nothing

Oh goodness. My life is so great right now. Since school ended on the 23rd of April, I have had no commitments. No school, no work. However, I have managed to fill my time these last few weeks and I've been SO busy!!

Lets start with moving out. Holy crap I've never been so tired or worn out in my life. I spend 2 and a half days straight moving. I slept for one hour at night... and cleaned more than I ever have before. Believe it or not I was kind of sad to leave my apartment. I know its really crappy, but it was home to me for two years! Goodbye room of 2 years!
It was really complicated moving stuff because I dont have a place to move into. I moved a bunch of stuff into Teddy's new apartment, and kept some things in my car. I'm living with Lindsey, Kelsey and Kaitlyn in this adorable yellow house.

Since my stuff was all over the place, I LOST MY KEYS. I went a whole week with no keys and no car. Lately I've had such an interesting frame of mind. Everything that happens to me that should make me sad/mad/upset/frustrated really just makes me laugh. My misfortunes are so funny to me, and I've learned to make the best out of poor situations.

Because my keys were lost for a whole week, I spent a lot of time riding my bike everywhere. I never realized how beautiful Provo is. I'm living in the cutest neighborhood, all of the houses are antique and the streets are lined with huge trees. The weather here has been so nice and I've really enjoyed being here :) I'm still having so much fun with my friends here that I'm kind of sad to leave Provo, but at the same time I'm so ready to go back to Arizona with Becca and my family.

I love my life so much. I love my circumstances, and I finally love Provo. Here are some reasons why:

Afternoon walks around the Provo library

I love that in Provo, it is completely acceptable and ordinary to see llama's on the street

Only in Provo will six of my cousins be able to come to Sunday Dinner at Grandma's

The lake is at a run's distance and the trail there is so pretty

I get to take my friends to the MTC :) Love you Brett!


Jamie said...

willi! i cant wait to play with you this summer in AZ and take road trips and lay out and be tan and skinny!

the girls house looks amazing! i wish i was up there enjoying Utah at it's best! i miss you! cant wait to play!

Joslyn Marie said...

aw!! how cute! i love you. i wish you were going to be there when i will.:( cant wait to see youuu.tara you and i need to play all together cause it will be awhile that that will happen since shes movin and me