Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bike crashes, Kitchen mold, and a look at my Apartment

The other day, Jacie and I went to open lab for Anatomy. I rode my bike up to campus and met her there. When we were through studying, we weren't sure what to do to get home because i had my bike and she had walked to school. We decided to ride together. First I stood up and rode while she sat on the seat holding onto my waist. Then we crashed when the chain fell off, and the two of us fell awkwardly to the ground with a lot of people around. We laid there laughing forever and people stared at us. After that Jacie took a try at peddling and we made it all the way home!!!! What an adventure.

In my mocrobiology lab, we talk a lot about mold, microbes, viruses etc. We do a lot of fun experiments, and this week we were able to take a agar plate home and a sterile swab stick to test a surface in our homes. I decided to test our kitchen counter. Basically I swabbed my counter top, smeared it on the agar (it started out CLEAR.) Here is my agar plate, after 4 days of growth. EEEEEEEEWWW

I realized haven't put any pictures up of my apartment... so here they are!

This is my lovely living room, bishop's office chairs and all.

And here is my kitchen

And my bathroom

Last but definitely not least, my front patio that looks like it belongs in Apache Junction... (trash, piles of wood, portable bbq, dead house plant, deflated innertubes, and bikes.)


megs said...



Willi Nixon said...

oh believe me, i walk around with disinfectant spray attatched to my hand.


The Cottams said...

ewwwwwww. thats funny. and i love your bike incident. why haven't you added me and kyle to your friend's list? you keep letting me down willi. silly girl.

Marci and Sarah! said...

your apartment is so cute!

joslyn and golden goodman said...

hi! i miss you!! you need to add golden and i to your list! i cant wait to see you when you come back to az