Sunday, September 28, 2008

My First "Phone Miracle"

Everyone who knows me well knows that I have a bad history with phones. Last semester I went through three phones... and finally ended up with a great phone that I love. On Thursday, I was riding my bike up to campus. Not wanting to do the whole crosswalk thing, I decided to ride in a street lane. I was just coming out of an intersection when all of the sudden I felt my phone slide out of my pocket and tumble into the street behind me. I quickly pulled my bike to the side of the street and turned around only to witness my phone be run over by a car... that's right. A CAR RAN MY PHONE OVER! For some reason my first instinct was to dash into the street /intersection and grab my phone. I was too surprised when i picked my phone up. It just so happens that my new phone is the most durable thing in the world and only suffered a few minor scratches and yes, it lives!! How in the world does a phone get run over by a car and survive, no damage??? All I know is i am SO happy.


amber said...

tis a miracle for sure

Camille said...

Cute apartment. I sure wish I had had your mom to help me decorate my apartments when I was in college. Heck, I wish I had her handy to help me NOW! I am excited to have found your blog--you are now linked to mine. I am trying to get the whole family blogging together, but am having trouble getting everyone on board. Wish me luck!

Willi Nixon said...

I will HELP YOU!! i have created a blog for my parents, but my mom is technilogically challenged, and knowing my dad, he probably doesnt want all that info about him online so he isn't about to help her!!