Friday, September 12, 2008

Way Up in the Sky

So as I wrapped up my summer in Arizona, Becca, Ben and I decided we had better do something really fun before I moved back up to Utah!! What is more exciting than skydiving? The day before I moved, the three of us and my mom (the photographer for the day) went out to Eloy Arizona, half way to Tucson and took the big jump. The craziest part of the whole adventure is that all of us agree it was not scary at all. Becca had some nerves the few days prior to, and ben was pretty nervous in the plane, but we all agree that even doing flips out of the plane was only fun, not scary. We went tandem, meaning we had a professional jump with us. We free-fell for 8,000 feet, doing lots of flips along the way. We pulled the parachute at 5,000 feet. Becca and I were actually close enough that our parachutes were touching, and we could talk to each other while thousands of feet in the air!! We came in for a smooth landing and were all safe. We were all so happy my mom came along to take pictures, and essentially drive us home. We all passed out on the way home cause we took dramamine...

This is the three of us signing our lives away... I advise any future jumpers not to read the forms cause they basically tell you every way you can die or get injured.
This, pretty much, is what we looked like in the air.
Matching shoe friends...
We were practicing our exit off of the plane
This is me!!!
And here is miss Becca giving the camera a thumbs up

Here we are, safe and sound with some new shirts :)

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hey girllllll!!! dang you are crazy!