Tuesday, September 22, 2009

4 wrongs can make a right

I recently discovered that a thing I once feared is actually my friend.

Yep, I'm talking about egg sandwhiches.

Tell me, is their ANYTHING apetizing about the following:
boiled egg (smells like butt)
mustard (horible)
pickles (can't eat them with a straight face)
mayonaise (kinda makes me nauseous)

While they are all disgusting ingredients, mashed together and put on Grandma Sycamore bread, its so good.

I've always been scared to try it, but I did, and I love it!


Jacie Bowen said...

ooo baby, throw some lettuce, tomato, and sprouts on top of the egg salad in your sandwich and then we're in business!

Panda said...

My little girl is growing up.

Willi said...

haha i know right? i used to be so picky... now i can even mix flavors haha