Wednesday, September 9, 2009

whatever you do, don't smile! :)

50 things that make me smile.

1. my girlfriend becca stark!
2. listening to music that makes feel
3. sacrament meeting
4. funny friends
5. people who are obviously different from me
6. spring/fall
7. writing in any form (journal, poetry, blog etc)
8. knowing all the words to a song
9. being productive
10. meaningful conversations new room
12. new clothes
13. catching up with old friends
14. sincerity
15. being appreciated
16. doing well in school, learning
17. back scratches
18. children/innocence
19. the quiet after the first snow
20. receiving flowers
21. crude humor
22. running on the Provo river trail
23. pedicures
24. cooking with a new recipe
25. playful banter
26. reading a good book
27. painting
28. having a hilarious family
29. sleep
30. liking the person i've become
31. pictures that capture the moment well
32. staying up too late because i can't bear to leave
33. trips to my cabin
34. playing the piano
35. making someone else smile
36. being interested in dating someone
37. when people reference "summer 09"
39. standing up for what i believe in
40. having succes
41. thank you cards
42. when someone thinks i'm funny
43. my nephew
44. thinking back on hard times and realizing how i overcame them
45. feeling loved
46. fear of the unknown
47. thinking forward to when i'm old and married
48. people talking about me in a nice way
49. being inspired
50. having a Father in Heaven


{Megan in Wonderland} said...

you forgot me. and my cooking. betch!

bahahhaha ok really though i love you and your blogness.

Willi said...

megs lets have dinner together again! you can either make chili or i'll make red potatoes!

m. estelle said...

willi lady.
i love this.
and you.