Monday, September 7, 2009

Alright dental hygiene school,

this is how I am going to kick YOUR butt.

I will do each homework assignment one week in advance.
I will read the bold pieces of every assigned chapter.
I will aim for 7 hours of sleep every school night.
I will not cry.
I will not fail a test because I am smart.
I will not let you intimidate me.
I will not cry.
I will say one positive thing for every complaint I have about school.
I will speak spanish.
I will not cry.
I WILL WINNNN!!!!!! woooohooooo

lets hear it for week 2 of the longest 20 months of my life


m. estelle said...

you can do it.
and if you absolutely HAVE TO cry...
i know where we can get cheap ice cream, and i have a lovely porch you can come sit on.


Joslyn Marie said...

yay! willi! you go girl. and if you cry.. i also will live there and can wipe them away. haha. i love you and am so proud of yoU!!!

{Megan in Wonderland} said...

you can come kick it with the howells any time to relieve your school induced stress- its always a partay over hur! que fabulosa!!!

Becca said...

I will speak spanish? hahahahahhahahahah

Willi said...

haha yes becca, i am taking espanol.
and thank you estee megs and jos, i may have to take you up on your offers

Tara said...

aww willi YAAA GIRL!! You're amazing. And I love you and am so so proud of you! Good luck my friend! You'll do great.