Monday, September 14, 2009

When I'm not studying, I'm...

1. Celebrating BYU's big win agains Oklahoma (no I didn't watch the game or care about the win, it was just fun to watch thousands of people frantically running in the intersections screaming.)

2. Throwing Kelsey a surprise birthday party

3. Tumbling at the Progressive gym

4. Going 80's dancing in Salt Lake

5. Joining over 5,000 other people at Jason Wardrop's party (yes, 5,000 people at one house)

6. Playing rockband at house warming parties

7. Hiking straight up Bridalveil falls (calf deep in cold water)

Basically, I'm still finding plenty of time to have fun and enjoy my life :)


Jacie Bowen said...

oh willi, its so nice to see you getting out and about, making new friends and doing such 'hip' things. looks like everything is going 'dope' for you. word up girl

Willi Nixon said...

hahah you are so ridiculous "jacie". i kind of "love" you. come to my house!